1. Home Rehabilitations
  2. Hygiene and Sanitation
  3. Njipntoh Portable Water Project

Home Rehabilitations

Through the generous support of sponsors FORCE-CAM has completed a home rehabilitation project, repairing the homes of 9 OVC’s, to make the homes safe for those who reside there.  Home repairs were carried out dependent on the need, some repairs involved security through replacing doors and windows, while others involved major construction such as new roofs or complete new structures.  Through improving living conditions for our children and their extended families we hope to improve health conditions, limiting dust and mold, leaking and cold that are problems in most village homes. Back to top^

Hygiene and Sanitation

In order to improve hygiene and sanitation at the homes of our beneficiaries FORCE-CAM has been constructing latrines and bathing rooms for the improved health of OVC’s and their families. Prior to the construction of latrines families would use holes in the ground with no shelter, dilapidated non-functioning latrines or in some cases, only the bush.  By not using a specific area for waste collection the natural environment and water sources are at risk for contamination.  Back to top^  

Njipntoh Portable Water Project

FORCE-CAM is a diverse organization with expertise in many fields, giving us the ability to assist communities in a variety of developmental areas. We are currently assisting the community of Njipntoh-Ndu, Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon to rehabilitate the dilapidated and non-functioning gravity-flow water system affecting between 2,300 to 2,600 people. It is through part community contribution and involvement that the water system is being rehabilitated and once again active, impacting in large part, women and children who act as water carriers. Due to the current lack of potable water, carriers walk more than 1 mile each day to fetch portable water for their families. Rehabilitation of phase one of the water system will have a large socio-economic impact for the affected community. Phase two is planned once the first phase is complete and funds secured. Back to top^


For all children, particularly those that are orphaned and vulnerable, attending school is only the first step in achieving educational success.  The difference between attending school and succeeding lies in the quality of the education provided.  One problem affecting education in Cameroon, as identified in the country’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper is that, “Cameroonian teachers are facing problems such as, larger than ideal class sizes, lack of text books and teaching materials, and insufficient class rooms and school structures”.  Teachers are expected to teach increasing numbers of children with decreasing materials and support, leading to the decline of quality education.  Not only are school structures insufficient, class sizes too large and monthly allowances small and payment irregular, even teachers text books are lacking.  The lack of basic facilities (drinking water, electricity, toilets) and specialized classrooms in most schools is a further handicap.”  In order to achieve quality education schools must be run to their maximum potential, with motivated and fully supported teachers.  Sadly this is not currently the case in our communities with pupils showing the effects of poor education.

FORCE-CAM is focused on supporting the education of her beneficiaries, unfortunately, we have witnessed that although children attend class regularly they often do not pass due problems either within the education system or concerning their home life. As the children we support are orphaned or vulnerable they need special attention in order to excel in academics. Often these children go to school hungry, limiting their concentration and they receive little or no support at home from elderly, often uneducated care givers.  It is for this reason that from September 2009 FORCE-CAM created and runs The King David Nursery and Primary School, with specialized teaching and a school feeding program to fully support OVC’s and the community of Ndu in general. We provide a different kind of education! Back to top^

Home before FORCE-CAM intervention
Same home after FORCE-CAM intervention
Construction of latrine for one of FOCRCE-CAM beneficiaries
Stand pipe before rehabilitation
Stand pipe being rehabilitated
Children in Class at King David School
Staff and pupils on assemly ground
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