FORCE-CAM Activities

OVCs and caregivers after receiving school material in Ndu
Pupils and staff of King David School Ndu
Children in class at King David School Ndu

The Foundation for Resources and Community Empowerment of Cameroon (FORCE-CAM) is involved in the following activities:

  1. Educational Support
  2. Nutritional Support
  3. Health Care
  4. Picnics
  5. Training

Educational Support

In Cameroon, poverty is preventing thousands of children from attending school.  Children often do not achieve their right to education when families or care givers cannot afford to pay the costs associated with education, such as school fees, uniforms, exercises and text books.  Other reasons that children do not attend school can include remaining home to care for sick and dying parents or relatives and child labour activities such as street selling and begging to support the family. 

As an organization we are trying to limit the effects of poverty by directly providing education to orphaned or vulnerable children.   FORCE-CAM as at September 2009 supports the educational needs of 150 Orphans and Vulnerable Children in 7 communities of three regions in Cameroon.  We support our children’s education through the payment of school fees and the provision of uniforms, text/exercise books, shoes and other educational necessities.
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